Aligning marketing with your business goals.

    • Naming
    • Visual Personality
    • Brand Creation


    • Messaging Framework
    • Messaging Workshop
    • Internal Messaging Campaigns
    • Copywriting


    • Goal Alignment
    • Go-To-Market Plans
    • Market Research
    • Marketing Metrics
    • Partner Program Development
    • Promotional Programs
    • Budgeting

    Strategic Planning

    • Strategy
    • Live and Virtual Implementation
    • Demand Generation
    • Attendee Awareness
    • Vendor Relations
    • Speaker Management
    • Collateral and SWAG Management
    • Logistics
    • On-site Coordination


    • Marketing Project Management
    • Metrics Management
    • Budget Management
    • Cross-Company Collaboration
    • Content Development
    • Agency Management

    Marketing Implementation

    • Environmental Advertising
    • Video Production
    • Print and Media Campaigns
    • Email Marketing
    • Website Design and Development



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  • Events
  • Identity
  • Media
  • Messaging
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing Implementation

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About Us

Zella is a marketing agency that believes in the power of marketing fundamentals. We know that when these are properly leveraged, with the overall objectives of your business as a driver, you are better positioned to see positive results.  It’s about aligning your activities to your goals, while maximizing your investment in marketing.

We live our process alongside you believing that the connection we develop fosters an environment of transparency and authenticity. By giving you the room to discover (providing you the tools, resources and perspective guidance), we celebrate those light bulb moments with you and turn your “ah-ha” experiences into measurable growth.

This is where we get our hands dirty and peel back the onion until we uncover the core of your brand, because our approach is all about working with you to help make the goals for your business a reality.

Simply put, we provide you marketing that works. Your business: Discovered. Defined. Delivered.

Zella headquarters are in Austin,TX.


  • “The Zella Company’s expertise and knowledge around consistent messaging and building a Messaging Framework is just priceless. The biggest advantage to working with The Zella Company was their ability to dig down and understand our business. They did it really quickly. It was fantastic. In a matter of weeks, we had what we needed.”

    – Diana Lovshe, Former Director of Marketing at P2 Energy Solutions

    Messaging & Marketing Strategy Project
  • “Thank you all for doing such a great job on the Misys Vision & Values programme. The Global Summit in Dubai went way beyond our expectations, Michelle and Eileen were invaluable in guiding our discussions and helping to keep us on track. We achieved all of our goals for the Summit and now have a set of values which were truly debated and agreed upon by all parties.  We are all very excited about the next steps of the programme.”

    – Nicola Hamilton, Director of Corporate Communications at Misys

    Strategic Planning & Marketing Implementation Project
  • “My experience with Zella completely revolutionized our business. I came to Michelle with so many ideas, past experiences, goals and dreams and she not only helped me sort through them and clarify our brand, but also built up our online presence by guiding the development of our website and actually helped expand our clientele by writing our messaging framework that we use as our play book in team meetings to date. Most importantly, Zella believed in me and the future of my company and gave me the tools to articulate my passions!”

    – Rosaline Hampton, Founder of Rosaline Hampton

    Identity, Messaging & Marketing Implementation Project
  • “Quick note of thanks to the Zella team for all of the work developing the Mitratech messaging framework. We rolled it out today at sales kickoff and it was well received. The leads that you trained did a great job of positioning it to our team. The timing is perfect as we kick off our new fiscal year and drive consistency in our messaging to the market.”

    Eric Thurston, Former CEO at Mitratech

    Messaging & Messaging Training Project